Privacy policy and cookies policy

Welcome to the website of Bank Handlowy w Warszawie S.A. operating under the Citi Handlowy brand (the Bank). This section sets out the terms of processing all the data which may be provided to us by the User while using the website.

If while using the website the User provides us with information concerning their personal data (such as correspondence address, e-mail address, telephone and fax numbers or other identifying information), such data shall not be disclosed (either for common use, sales or our contacts) to any external organization unless the User has authorized us to do so or unless we are legally obliged to disclose such data. Such information, along with the scope of the Client’s business and their transactions is processed in compliance with the security and confidentiality rules applicable at our Bank.


Cookies enable to store information or access information already stored on a telecommunications end device during or after a visit on webpages, including the webpages of the Bank.

Cookies used on the Bank’s webpages do not store personal data enabling the identification of the user of the online service. They are used, among others, to remember User preferences, keep the webpages secure or conduct marketing campaigns. Some functionalities available on the websites of the Bank will not work if the User does not accept cookies, for example it will be impossible to send some contact forms. You can manage cookie preferences and settings in your browser and withdraw your consent to use them at any time.

Information for the Users:

What kind of cookies do we use?

  • Persistent cookies - files stored on the User's device even after they leave the browsed website. They make it possible to store and remember information about your preferences such as e.g. remembering your login details to the transaction service. Thus, it is possible to fill those data automatically next time you log in. By accepting this kind of cookies you give your consent to store data on your device. In order, for example, to remove the Username in Citibank Online login page, check the saved name and click on “Delete User” in the menu.
  • Session cookies - files required to maintain proper information transfer between the Bank’s server and the browser, and, thus, to ensure proper display of the contents of the visited website and to allow a fully-functional access to its features. Their aim is to identify a given session (the dialogue between the browser and the server) and the Users communicating with the server at the same time.
  • Third-party cookies - they allow external companies to analyze data such as: number of visitors, users’ behavior on webpages, types of browsers and electronic devices, “pixel” files or other behavioral data (e.g. your localization). However, these are not personal data that could identify the user as the Bank’s client. The aim of collecting and processing these types of cookies is to collect information on the profile of the visitors of the Bank’s websites, their behaviors as well as preferences and interests related to individual products. They make it possible to display advertisements and marketing offers and to analyze the information about the user’s interest in the displayed materials. Companies which provide analytical services to the Bank are i.e. Gemius, Facebook and Google.

How can I refuse (or withdraw my consent for) the installment of cookies?

Most browsers running in default settings allow cookies in order to provide the Users with comfort when accessing a website and to ensure proper display of its content. You can modify how cookies are managed at any time through your browser settings, but currently you cannot select the type of cookies you accept. If you withdraw your consent, you will disable the use of any cookies, which may affect some functions of Citibank Online – some of them, such as hints to login data and autofill to fill out the product form, could be partly or entirely blocked. Once you have withdrawn your consent, personalized offers will not be displayed on our websites.

If you want to change the cookies settings in your browser, follow the instructions below:

The above browsers have been presented as examples. Due to the high variety of browsers used, there may be certain differences in adjusting the settings in such a way which would disable the installation of cookies. Usually the information about cookies can be found in the “Tools” or “Options” menu. Detailed information can usually be found on the webpage of the developer of a given browser.

The websites of Bank Handlowy w Warszawie S.A. use cookies to ensure the best Citibank Online user experience and collect the data which allow us to optimize the use of our websites optimization and deliver the best marketing experience. If you do not want to install them, go to the settings section in your browser. click here to learn more.