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Overdraft limit in your bank account

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What is an overdraft limit in a bank account?

An overdraft limit in a bank account (Credit Line) is additional funds that increase your available account balance. You can use it to make a transfer, pay for your shopping by debit card or withdraw cash from an ATM – it’s up to you how and when you spend these funds.

How does an overdraft limit work?

If you have been granted an overdraft limit of PLN 3,000 in your personal account, your available account balance increases automatically by this amount.

You can use the limit granted whenever you need. If you don’t spend it, absolutely nothing will happen – the funds will be there waiting for the time you need them

The limit is not a one-time thing; it is available on your account permanently, and it is repaid and renewed every time you deposit money on your account.

The maximum limit in a personal account is PLN 8,000.

Why does it pay off?

There may be times when you still have a few days left until the pay day and you have to pay, for example, an insurance installment or an advance on a skiing trip. Or maybe you have an extra expense this month that you want to cover with the funds from your personal account? An overdraft limit on an account is a convenient way to obtain financing in such situations.

You use it only, when you need to.

You spend it however you want – by paying by debit card, withdrawing cash or making transfers.

The limit is repaid and renewed automatically when your account is credited with funds.

0% of interest if you use the Credit Lineup to 7 days in a given month.

You may obtain the limit without leaving home.

How to obtain the limit?

Have you got an account with Citi Handlowy and have you been crediting it with your salary of at least PLN 1,200 for 3 months or longer?

Submit a simple application to get a call from our consultant, who will help you prepare a credit application.


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First, open an account with us – you can do it in as little as 15 minutes without leaving home.

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What are the costs?

0% commission for using the product for the first 12 months.
The commission in the subsequent years is as follows:

CitiKonto opened on or before 19.08.2020 r.

  • 1.75% of the limit amount, no less than PLN 50

CitiKonto opened on or after 01.09.2020 r., Citi Priority, Citigold, Citigold Private Clients

  • 1% of the limit amount, no less than PLN 50

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Open a personal account with a selfie even in 10 minutes
Open a personal account with a selfie even in 10 minutes