Citibank World Elite™ Mastercard® ULTIME Credit Card.

Citibank World Elite™
Mastercard® ULTIME
Credit Card.


Do you enjoy unique experiences while travelling the world?
Do you expect top standard of service and assistance on your travels?
Or do you often go on business trips and are looking for solutions to make them easier?

Discover Citibank World Elite™ Mastercard® Ultime – the most luxurious of all the Citi Handlowy Credit Cards.

Order the card dedicated to those who expect more – not only on the go!


The Citibank World Elite™ Mastercard® Ultime Credit Card offers you a carefully designed benefits package that can be useful when travelling:


ADDITIONAL BENEFITS PROGRAMS - wide access to programs of privileges offered by Citi

  • Citi Specials program offering discounts up to 50%, prizes, surprises available with card payments and access to pre-sales of tickets to the biggest concerts in Poland organized by Live Nation,
  • Mastercard Bezcenne® Chwile program, where you can collect attractive prizes for card transactions,
  • Citi World Privileges program, which gives you access to preferential prices at over 4,000 restaurants and hotels in more than 90 countries,

PHONE PAYMENTS - Convenient payments with Apple Pay and Google Pay

When travelling, pay with what you have at hand – a smartphone or smartwatch. Simply add the Citi Handlowy Mastercard® card to Google Pay or Apple Pay. Payment options::

  • contactless payment at a POS – anywhere that accepts traditional cards
  • online, with the available option “Pay with Google Pay” / “Pay with Apple Pay”.
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