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Welcome to the
Citi Specials Benefits Program

Access a world of benefit with your Citi card.
Discounts, rewards, surprises. All in one place.


Welcome to Citi Specials!
Here all the benefits available with your card are gathered in one place.

Citi Specials is a Benefit Program designed to allow every Client of Citi Handlowy to experience special moments and be inspired thanks to their Citi card.

We arranged all the benefits available with your card in 5 passions – traveling, cuisine, entertainment, shopping, as well as sport and health. Now you can easily find what you’re interested in – discounts, prizes, special offers and surprises, all in one place.

Select the type of your card and your place of residence or choose offers available online to see what we have prepared just for you!

How does Citi Specials work?

Benefit from discounts

Citi Specials are special discount offers, even up to 50%, prepared in cooperation with nearly 300 program partners, available at more than 5,000 POS and online shops. You just have to pay with a Citi Handlowy card.

Step 1

Search on our website for an interesting discount and check if it applies to your card.

Step 2

Inform the staff at the point of sale that you want to use a discount with a Citi card.

Step 3

For online shops and apps, enter the discount code given in the offer details.

Step 4

Pay with Citi Handlowy card, and that’s it! Enjoy the discount and get more inspired!

Don’t forget to read the details of the offer before taking advantage of it.

Discover your passion

The Citi Specials Benefit Program offers you access to a free point collection program Mastercard® Priceless® Specials, where you receive points for transactions made at the Program Partners. You can exchange them for attractive prizes, vouchers and tickets to a movie theater.

Sign up for the program and achieve your goals – every transaction gets you closer to a prize.

Let us surprise you!

Benefit from amazing surprises for our Clients, including access to pre-sales to the Live Nation concerts and many more. You can find information about these extraordinary privileges on this website or in your e-mail inbox.

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